Waitlist & Holdfile

Waitlist & Holdfile

What’s the difference between the Waitlist and the Hold File?

The Waitlist is an option if you meet the course requirements established by the department offering the course (specific majors, credit levels, special populations, etc.)

The Hold File is a roster of students who wish to register for a course, but who do not meet the departmental restrictions. These students must be placed on the Hold file even though the course may have seats available. For courses with a hold file, students on the waitlist receive priority consideration over those on the hold file.

If a course is closed when a student registers, the waitlist/hold file option may be available. Names are stored on a first come, first served basis for access to seats as drops are processed. If the student decides to go on the waitlist/hold file s/he must check in on the first day of classes (mandatory check-in) to see if s/he has received entrance to the class. If the course has not been received by the first day of classes, the student must then check-in daily to remain on the waitlist. See the Academic Calendar for semester check-in dates.

Using the Waitlist

The waitlist stores names in order of request, on a first come, first served basis, to allow access to seats as drops are processed. Note that most, but not all departments offer waitlists for their courses. Students can waitlist courses when they register on testudo or in person at Registrations.

Remember, you must check in (either in person or on Testudo) by the first day of classes or your request may be dropped from the waitlist.

Waitlisting in Person

Office of the Registrar
Student Services Counter
First Floor, Mitchell Building
8:00am to 5:00pm

Complete a Schedule Request/Adjustment form for the course you want to add. If the course is closed and a waitlist is available you will be offered the option of being placed on a waitlist. You may waitlist up to six sections of a course. Be sure to read waitlist information below for important details on how the waitlist works. After being placed on the waitlist you will receive a copy of your Schedule Request/Adjustment form. Mandatory Check-In and Regular Check-In dates will be noted on this form. Students are required to check-in before the first day of classes, and then daily to remain on the waitlist web site, or in person.

Waitlisting Using Testudo

Drop/Add on Testudo will offer the waitlist option if a course is closed and a waitlist is available. You can be placed on the waitlist for the closed section plus five additional sections. Also use Drop/Add for adding and dropping courses from the waitlist.

Testudo Waitlist Check-in


  • To remain on the waitlist you must check-in once a day, either through Testudo or in-person, during the specified period. Students that do not check-in will be removed from the waitlist. If a section has already been assigned, it will be given to the next eligible student.
  • Not all departments offer waitlists for their courses. It is the decision of the department whether or not to offer a waitlist. Some departments have two waitlists - one for eligible majors and one for special populations determined by the department. In those departments where two waitlists are kept, be aware that eligible majors have priority.
  • It is recommended that you complete your schedule with alternative course choices. Being placed on a Waitlist does not guarantee that you will be sectioned into your desired course.
  • To be eligible for the waitlist/hold file you cannot be registered for any other section of the desired course. If you are currently registered for any other section of the course, you must drop that section before you can be placed on the waitlist. If you remain registered for another section of the same course at the time you waitlist, you will be removed from the waitlists.
  • You may select up to six (6) sections of a course. The first section to become available will automatically be assigned to you. Since you will now be registered for a section, your name will be removed from the waitlist for any additional sections of that course. If you subsequently refuse the assigned section,it will be given to the next person on the waitlist. At that time you may request to be put on the waitlist for another section, but you will be placed at the end of the list.
  • Once you have been placed on a waitlist for a specific course you cannot add any additional sections to the waitlist for that course at the same position. If you later decide to add additional sections they can be added to the end of the waitlist.
  • Students stand a better chance of receiving a course by waitlisting as many sections as possible. However, when waitlisting multiple sections of a course, be sure each section fits your schedule unless you plan to drop any course that conflicts with the waitlisted section when it is received.
  • Course schedule conflicts that result from courses received from the waitlist must be resolved unless permission for the conflict is granted from the student's college. If the course is received and confirmed, students must adjust their schedule in accordance with University policy by 4:30 p.m. of the following workday. If the schedule is not adjusted, a drop will be processed on the received waitlist course.
  • If new sections are opened with exact meeting times to those sections selected, you will be scheduled for the new section by the waitlist processor.
  • Waitlist activity will end the last day of the Schedule Adjustment Period.
  • Students who receive courses from the waitlist prior to the beginning of the semester may receive information from the Registrar's Office regarding waitlist check-in procedures. Students eligible to use Testudo are encouraged to use this service for waitlist check-in.