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Training Resources

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar's Training Resources site. Our goal is to provide end-user training to faculty and staff who are working with academic records, course and classroom scheduling, and data reporting. Training resources available on this site include "How-To Videos" and "User Guides" for campus-wide applications that are supported by the Office of the Registrar. These applications are listed below and grouped based on functionality and need. Please discuss with your supervisor which specific systems are most appropriate for your position.

Academic Advising and Grading Course and Classroom Scheduling Services
Data Querying/Reports
  • Advise on the Web (AoW): Individual student information and batch capabilities
  • Datawarehouse: TWO different options are available. Please review information for both Adhoc Datawarehouse and Warehouse on the Web to determine which option is the most appropriate for you
    1. Datawarehouse (ADHOC): Adhoc query and reporting for student and classroom scheduling data
    2. Warehouse on the Web (WOW): Canned reports for student and classroom scheduling data

Questions regarding Office of the Registrar training resources may be directed to registrar-training@umd.edu.