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Datawarehouse: ADHOC/Client

Description Important: Please review the 'Datawarehouse ADHOC vs. Warehouse on the Web (WOW)' section below to determine which option will best meet your needs.

The datawarehouse provides users with the ability to query data to produce reports that can be used to assist with internal, day to day processes (e.g., find a list of students based on major codes for advising purposes). The datawarehouse should not be used for official reporting purposes; data for official reporting purposes should be requested through the Office of Institutional Research Planning and Assessment.

Datawarehouse ADHOC vs. Warehouse on the Web (WOW)

Data in the Datawarehouse can be accessed in two different ways: adhoc/client or WOW. When requesting access or training, you should specify which of these you are referring to (i.e., are you an adhoc user or a WOW user?). Please review the following information about each kind of access to help you determine which option might best suit your needs.
  • Adhoc/Client Access: Provides users with the ability to query the Datawarehouse on an adhoc basis; Users create and save their own queries based on their specific needs. While this type of access affords the user the ability to create customized queries, it also requires that the user has facility with database querying. As such, this kind of access requires that the user has:
    • a basic understanding of relational databases and how to query them,
    • a good understanding of student-related processes and cycles (e.g., advising cycles, drop/add deadlines, etc.), and
    • access to a data query tool (e.g., Hyperion, SqlDeveloper, etc.)
  • Warehouse on the Web (WOW): This kind of access is appropriate for most users. It provides users with pre-made, canned queries that can be run on demand. No knowledge of database structure or querying is required, and users can request to have additional queries added to the library of WOW queries.
Datasets Available Through the Office of the Registrar

Several subsets of data are available through the datawarehouse. The Office of the Registrar can assist users with understanding datawarehouse data that is related to

  • student records and registration, and
  • classroom scheduling

The remaining information on this page is for adhoc/client access. If you are interested in information on WOW, please refer to the WOW information page.

How to Access the System How to access the Datawarehouse with adhoc/client access:

  1. Make sure you have an account: An ADHOC datawarehouse account is needed to access the system (if you need an account, please refer to the "How to Get an Account" section below).
  2. Install Software: You must have the appropriate software installed on your computer. Please refer to the 'Access Requirements' section on the 'Information' tab on DivIT's website for more details.

    [In general, your computer must be equipped with 1) a data query tool such as Hyperion or Sql Developer, and 2) a Datawarehouse connection.]

  3. Log In: Open up your data query tool and log in using your Datawarehouse credentials. Note that the location of your data query tool will depend on where your IT unit has placed the application; please contact your IT support unit for information on locating the query tool on your computer.

Additional information may be found on DivIT's website or by contacting wowadmin@umd.edu.

How to Get an Account Complete an account request form, making sure to complete the 'Adhoc Query' section (and skip the 'Warehouse on the Web (WOW)' section).

Additional information may be found on DivIT's website or by contacting wowadmin@umd.edu.

Resources The following resources are available for the Datawarehouse Records and Registrations data subset.
  • Records & Registrations DW Standard Tables : Table and field listings for the records and registration DW dataset
Additional information on the Datawarehouse in general can be found by selecting the 'Here is How' tab on DivIT's website.
Training Training Content
The Office of the Registrar offers Data Warehouse training for the following records and registration data subsets:
  • Classroom scheduling data (1 hour training)
  • Student data (2 hour training)

Training Requirements
The training is provided for staff who meet the following conditions:

  • The user has a datawarehouse adhoc account, and as such, is an authorized datawarehouse adhoc/client user,
  • -and-
  • The user already possesses basic query/reporting skills or has completed the query tool training conducted by the Office of Data Administration
Request Training
Individual and group* trainings are available. To request training, please complete the form below, making sure to add any additional details in the "Comments/Questions" section of the form.

* If you are requesting a group training, please indicate this in the "Comments/Questions" section of the form.

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