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Datawarehouse: Ad Hoc Querying

Description The Data Warehouse is a collection of integrated institutional data. It can be accessed by authorized people in the following two ways:

  1. Canned reports (formerly Warehouse on the Web)
  2. Ad hoc querying

Important: Please review information on the Data Warehouse and Reporting page to determine if you will need canned reports access or ad hoc access.

Datasets Available Through the Office of the Registrar

Several subsets of data are available through the data warehouse. You must request access to each specific dataset that you need. The Office of the Registrar can assist users with using and interpreting the following data warehouse datasets:

  • Student records and registration
  • Classroom scheduling

Information on this Webpage

The remaining information on this page specifically addresses ad hoc query access to data supported by the Office of the Registrar. If you are interested in access to the Office of the Registrar's canned reports, please refer to the Office of the Registrar's canned reports page.

How to Access the System How to access the data warehouse with ad hoc access:

  1. Make sure you have ad hoc access: You must have ad hoc query access to the data warehouse. For information on how to obtain ad hoc query access, please refer to the "How to Get an Account" section below.
  2. Install software: You must have access to a query building tool such as SAS Enterprise Guide or Tableau.
    • SAS Enterprise Guide: Instructions on how to install SAS Enterprise Guide are provided upon approval for ad hoc data warehouse access. Existing data warehouse users should contact report-support@umd.edu for assistance.
    • Tableau: Tableau can be purchased from TERPWare.
  3. Log In: Open up your data query tool and log in when prompted.
How to Get an Account Please use the link to the Ad Hoc Query Access Request Form found on the Ad Hoc Query Access informational page to request ad hoc access to the Office of the Registrar data warehouse data.
Resources The following resources are available for the data warehouse Records and Registrations data subset.
  • Records & Registrations DW Standard Tables : Table and field listings for the records and registration DW dataset
Information on the data warehouse in general may be found on DivIT's Data Warehouse and Reporting page.
Training Training Content
The Office of the Registrar offers data warehouse training for the following records and registration data subsets:
  • Classroom scheduling data (1 hour training)
  • Student data (2 hour training)

Training Requirements
The training is provided for staff who meet the following conditions:

  • The user has a data warehouse ad hoc account, and as such, is an authorized data warehouse ad hoc user,
  • -and-
  • The user already possesses basic query/reporting skills (i.e., this training assumes that you have a general understanding of database querying and will not show you how to use your query tool).
Request Training
Individual and group* trainings are available. To request training, please complete the form below, making sure to add any additional details in the "Comments/Questions" section of the form.

* If you are requesting a group training, please indicate this in the "Comments/Questions" section of the form.

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