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ADVISE on the Web (AoW)

Description Advise on the Web is an application that allows academic advisors to access academic information for students via the web. The following information is available in Aow:

  • Individual student information (real-time): View information for individual students (unofficial transcripts and registration information); Add/view/email notes to students.
  • Information for students in batch: Query the Aow database (includes canned queries); send mass email; print transcripts in batch.
How to Access the System Note: An Advise on the Web account is required to access Aow. If you need an account, please refer to the "How to Get an Account" section below.

  1. Go to ARES at
  2. Select "Advisor Services" from the listing on the left side of the page
  3. Select "ADVISE on the Web" from the "Advisor Links" box on the left side of the page
How to Get an Account
  1. Go to the UM Account Request Form
  2. Review the "Advise on the Web and Degree Navigator" section on page 2 of the account request form, and complete steps 1 through 3 as indicated.**

    ** For "Type of Access Required", please have the authorizer (in step 3) indicate which level of access will be needed:

    1. Basic Access Only: Look-up access only; Ability to view individual student information only
    2. Basic Access with Batch: If batch access is required, the authorizer should indicate which of the following types of access should be granted:
      • Search capability
      • Ability to print batch transcripts
      • Ability to send mass email
  • Aow SEARCH Manual : Information on how to use Aow's query tool to search for groups of students.
Additional questions can be directed to
Training Individual and group trainings are available. To request training, complete the form below, making sure to select "Advise on the Web" from the "Type of Training" drop-down box and add any additional details in the "Other" box (e.g., if you would like a group training).

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