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Data Warehouse: Adhoc vs. WOW

Description DW adhoc and WOW are different things. Describe the difference. When requesting access or training need to specify which. This page is for adhoc. If you are interested in WOW, go HERE.
How to Access the System Note: A datawarehouse account is needed to access the system. If you need an account, please refer to the "How to Get an Account" section below.

  1. Install Software: You must have the appropriate software installed on your computer. Please refer to DivIT's website for more details. In general, the computer from which adhoc querying will be conducted must be set with the following:
    • Data query tool (e.g., Hyperion, sql Developer, etc.)
    • Datawarehouse connection
  2. Log In: Open up your data query tool and log in using your Datawarehouse credentials. Note that the location of your data query tool will depend on where your IT unit has placed the application; please contact your IT support unit for information on locating the query tool on your computer.

    If you have forgotten your login information, please contact

How to Get an Account Complete an account request form, making sure to complete the 'Adhoc Query' section (and skip the 'Warehouse on the Web (WOW)' section).
  • Records & Registrations DW Standard Tables : Table and field listings for the records and registration DW dataset
Training The Office of the Registrar offers Data Warehouse training for the following records and registration data subsets:
  • Classroom scheduling data (1 hour training)
  • Student data (2 hour training)
The training is provided for staff who meet the following conditions:
  • The user has a datawarehouse adhoc account, and as such, is an authorized datawarehouse adhoc/client user,
  • -and-
  • The user already possesses basic query/reporting skills or has completed the query tool training conducted by the Office of Data Administration To request training, complete the form below, making sure to select "Advise on the Web" from the "Type of Training" drop-down box and add any additional details in the "Other" box (e.g., if you would like a group training).