Residency Reclassification Policy

The University of Maryland, like most public institutions of higher education, classifies students as in-state and out-of-state for various purposes, including assessing tuition. In-state tuition represents a significant financial subsidy toward the cost of education paid by the State of Maryland and the University.

The Board of Regents limits eligibility for in-state to a narrowly defined group of students. If all the elements in the definition of in-state are not met, the student will be classified as “out-of-state”, unless an established exception in the policy exists.

Please be advised that consideration for in-state residency is separate from a student's ability to qualify and be considered as a Maryland resident. Being considered a Maryland resident or dependent upon a Maryland resident does not automatically qualify a student for in-state tuition.

An in-state student is defined as a person who can demonstrate having completely met all 9 of the criteria established by the Board of Regents for a period of at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day for registration for the semester for which in-state status is sought. A student will be required to document that he or she does in fact meet all of the criteria for the twelve month period. The requirements are listed below:

  1. Continuously occupy living quarters in Maryland. There must be a genuine deed or lease for the student’s address.
  2. Having substantially all personal property in Maryland.
  3. Paying Maryland income tax. If the student is claimed as a dependent, that individual must claim all income in Maryland.
  4. Registering all vehicles in Maryland, if student owns a vehicle.
  5. If licensed, possessing a valid Maryland driver's license.
  6. If registered, being registered to vote in Maryland.
  7. Receiving no public assistance from a state other than Maryland.
  8. Having the legal ability under law to live permanently and without interruption in Maryland.
  9. Rebutting the presumption that he or she is in Maryland primarily to attend an educational institution.

If a student is not able to meet all nine of the requirements for 12 consecutive months for in-state residency classification, the student will be classified as out-of-state. The student will then be required to submit a petition for residency re-classification. Please visit University of Maryland Residency Reclassification Procedures for additional information.

Neither an out-of-state nor an in-state classification is permanent. An out-of-state student may petition Residency Reclassification Services to change to in-state status. Reclassifications must be made in advance of the semester in which they are to take effect. A change to in-state is not retroactive. Should a petition be denied, limited appeal avenues are available and must be pursued within 10 business days of the adverse decision. Students have an obligation to inform Residency Reclassification Services of personal circumstances which may make them ineligible for continued in-state status.

It is the responsibility of students wishing to understand their status, or change it, to familiarize themselves with the complete classification policy. This overview does not supersede or amend any part of the classification policy.