Seat Management Plan

The campus employs a seat management plan designed to reserve a portion of seats in general education and a few selected other courses for students with fewer than 60 credits and incoming new students.

I am currently registered for this course, but would like to switch my section to another open section.

You will have to drop the course and re-add the course with a different section number. Please be warned, if the course you are trying to add has a seat restriction on it, you will not be able to re-add the course. You will be offered a position on the holdfile.

I need to satisfy this general education requirement and the seats are currently reserved. How do I find a course to satisfy this requirement whose seats are not reserved/ restricted?

Only a small number of general education courses are restricted. Go to the online Schedule of Classes and select General Education or CORE Courses under the associated semester. This will allow you to review all General Education or CORE courses by category, in order to find a General Education or CORE course which is not restricted.

I need this specific course for my major, but the seats are currently reserved.

Your Academic Advising College has the authority to examine your situation and make an exception if appropriate. Contact your Academic Advising College for further information.

Testudo offered me a place on a holdfile for this course. What does this mean? Why is there no waitlist for this course?

If you do not meet the restrictions for the course, or all available seats are filled, you may place yourself on a holdfile for the course. Waitlists are not initially offered for seat managed courses. On the 1st day of classes, seat management restrictions will end, and those students on the holdfile will be eligible for any remaining seats in this course. Those students on the holdfile for whom there are not open seats will be placed on a newly created waitlist. Students on the holdfile must check-in on the first day of classes, and then daily, to remain on the waitlist. Students may check on their progress by going to Waitlist Check-In.